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Task addition
Add your task by clicking “plus” icon in left column. Required item is the name of task only, others are optional. Task with priority higher than 2 is marked with an icon in left column as well as tasks with 100% completion or shared tasks (read about “groups” for more information). If you fill start or end of task, this one will be marked in calendar on tasks main page. Each task may be shared with one group. Task editing is allowed to you or to any group member (see item “Task editing”). You can be noticed 24 hours before or 24 hours after task expiration.

Task editing
You may edit your tasks by clicking on task in calendar or tree structure.

Task deletion
(See item “Task editing”.) The form for editing includes a reference to task deletion.


What the groups mean?
Groups are the instrument for task sharing.

Group creation
To create a group fill its name to form in group main page.

Group editing
Editing of the group is allowed to its author only by clicking on its name in tree structure.

Group deletion
(See item “Group editing”.) The form for group editing includes a reference to group deletion.

Group member addition
Add the new group member by clicking on group in tree structure and link “add member”. For addition is necessary to know new member’s e-mail address. Each member can accept or ignore the invitation.

Group member deletion
Each member can leave the group anytime or can be removed by author of the group by clicking member’s name.


You have several options to adjust your account.


You are allowed to edit your account in “Profile” section. Username changing is disabled.

Account deletion
To delete your account click on “delete account” in profile editing. Account will not be deleted but deactivated. Contact us for re-activation. All tasks will be conserved. If you want to re-activate complete account including tasks, contact us.

Paid account
Paid account will be prepared soon. Click here for payment instructions.


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