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Protection of privacy

Principles of personal data protection on help you understand how we collect personal information you want to share and help you in your informed decision making by using

If you visit you bring us two types of information: personal information you show knowingly which we collect afterwards and information about using our web pages.

If you register to you give us some personal information like name, e-mail address or other information about you and your qualities.

We don’t use your e-mail address and other information possible to identify you for advertising and marketing purposes without your permission. These messages could be sent only as a part of specific programs and functions to which you’ll have a possibility to express your agreement or dissent. However we are allowed to use your e-mail address without permission for non-commercial and administrative purposes like announcement about important changes on or about customer services.

You can update or correct personal profile data and e-mail preferences in your profile settings anytime.

As we’ve mentioned before, we use information that could be used to identify you as well as some non-personal information like data about using, cookies files, IP address, information about web browser, visited pages etc. On their basis and basis of scanning, analyzing and preferences processing we are improving web quality.

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